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"The Surprising Truth about Illinois Medicaid Eligibility: 9 Things You Absolutely Must Know to Make Sure that Medicaid Will Pay for Your Loved One’s Long Term Nursing Home Costs"

Plus Learn How to Spot the Most Common Myths and Misconceptions that Surround Illinois Medicaid Eligibility and What You Can Do to Make Sure Your Family Isn’t Left with an Enormous, Complicated and Stressful Problem . . .

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From: Bill Deitch and Kirsten Izatt, Esq.
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We’re Bill Deitch and Kirsten Izatt, Personal Family Lawyers with The Estate Planning Law Group in Wheaton, IL. More importantly, we’re just like you. We have seen friends and family members devastated by the costs of long term nursing care. And, we have seen the confusion and anxiety that people experience when someone in their family needs to obtain Medicaid eligibility.

That's why we’ve put together an urgent and important Free Guide that every person in Illinois needs to read before they apply for Medicaid on behalf of a loved one who needs long term nursing care.

We’re offering you this Free Guide so you can discover:

  • How to obtain Medicaid eligibility as quickly as possible...and avoid many of the most common planning mistakes.
  • Whether recent changes in the Medicaid eligibility rules affect planning...and what to do about it.
  • Why most of the things you think you know about Medicaid are actually myths and misconceptions...and how the truth can help relieve some of the anxiety you might be experiencing.
  • Why failing to put in place a plan to obtain Medicaid qualification could cost your family hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily.
  • Why it’s not too late to plan for Medicaid eligibility...even though your loved one is already in a nursing home and spending down their money.
  • The difference in the application process for those who are informed about the law...and those who are not.

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